Design Sparks Recap

Phase I: Define the Assignment
For this assignment, the goal was to create a poster for a certain (real life!) event, keeping in mind a particular person as the intended audience. I chose the Centennial Tea Service at Hotel DuPont. My audience was my friend Jeremy, who is basically a somewhat foppish, somewhat gothic 19-year-old guy.

Phase II: Discover Three Design Sparks

1. Rosenzweig, Denise, and Magdalena Rosenzweig, eds. Self portrait in a velvet dress : Frida’s wardrobe : fashion from the Museo Frida Kahlo. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2008.

2. Steele, Valerie, and Jennifer Park. Gothic: dark glamour. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008.

3. Ohki, Sadako. Tea culture of Japan. New Haven: Yale University Art Gallery, 2009.

Phase III: Design Three Posters

Design Sparks Phase III

1. I took inspiration from the floral designs and bright color designs of Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe.
2. Some of the elegant design and dark colors led me to create this poster.
3. For this one I pretty much latched onto the utensils and such used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Phase IV: Refine One Poster

Design Sparks Phase IV

I decided to expand on the gothic poster and made it a bit less simple. I also used fewer fonts and added some dingbats to make it look fancier.

Phase V: Deliver The Final Poster

Design Sparks Phase V

I then realized that my original concept was a piece of shit and completely re-did it. I decided to go with a bunny girl serving tea because, well, everyone like bunny girls. Everyone. Plus, it puts a more modern spin on the event by taking an event that people might typically associate with posh old ladies and advertising it with something sexier instead. It creates this weird and kinda awesome contrast.

Poster-FinalHere is the final version with revisions to the type. I made the copy tighter and smaller and brought the heading to the middle. I’m pretty happy with the results.


Stamp Letter Patterns

Stamp Letter Patterns

Here’s two of the four stamp letter patterns I made for 2D I: Black & White. We had to hand carve out some letters (which was difficult as hell) and make patterns. I remember I spent way too much time on these and I just got them back this semester so they’re going here.

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing - Drawing II

This is a figure drawing in pencil I made in my Drawing II class. While it’s by no means a finished complete piece, I was very pleased with the results. The hands are my favorite part since they turned out very well despite hands always being a bitch to draw. This also gives you a good idea of what my favorite  thing to draw is: nude figures. Surprise, surprise.