Nonprofit: Sample Email

Hello Non-Profit,

We are interested in working with you to create a brand identity for your non-profit business. This will be a collaboration between your company and the students from Sarah Zero’s Visual Communications II class at the Delaware College of Art and Design. We are a group of Graphic Design and Illustration majors who are seeking to get real-world experience through this project. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hella Interesting: Week 02

Here’s some more interesting things! This time with a lot more emphasis on art and design and, surprisingly enough, no objectionable content.

Make It Work: Refine & Deliver


Make It Work with Name

The next part was coming up with a name for our restaurant and trying out several different types of font. I ultimately ended up going in the direction of the last one.

Make It Work with Name Refined

Here’s that one refined even further. I edited the font so that the curves on the letterforms matched the curves in the leaves of the strawberry to make the whole image more cohesive.


Make It Work Final

Here is the completed design for the Make It Work logo. After experimenting with the placement of the type in relationship to the logo image, I found that a vertical arrangement was more visually pleasing than a horizontal one.

Simon Says: Define & Discover

How to Write a Paper in 8 Easy Steps:

1. Remember that you have a paper due tomorrow!

2. Spend hours on the internet while pretending to do research!

3. Suddenly realize it’s 2AM!

4. Cry!

5. Drink an entire pot of coffee!

6. Furiously type your essay!

7. Print it out 10 minutes before class!

8. Thank sweet baby Jesus that you completed your paper on time!

Make It Work: Define, Discover, Design

Round 1:

Round 1 Images

For this project, we had to pick a type of restaurant that best represents ourselves and our artistic style. For mine, I chose a candy shop. From there, we had to pick two objects to combine into a logo for the restaurant. I picked the combination of strawberry and lady because, hey, why not? After doing an assload of concept sketches, we had to narrow it down to the three we felt were the strongest.

Round 2:

Round 2 Design 1

Round 2 Design 2

Then we had to go back and explore different ways to stylize and refine one or two of the sketches we chose in the last round.

Round 3:

Round 3 Images

Here are the two finalized drawings of my selected logo designs! This wasn’t really a necessary step, but I did it anyway because it just helps me to have things super-refined and narrowed down as much as possible.